Born in Berlin

Our innovative spirit can be traced back to our birthplace. A dynamic city full of different cultures, dreams, and ideas. Not to mention its architecture, creativity, and the sophisticated cool and edginess of its people. This is where our AEG spirit comes from. And it guides us in everything we do. Because by looking ahead to the future, we also celebrate our past.

Great isn’t good enough

We lead by challenging convention and creating innovations that go beyond what you expect from home appliances. With innovations such as ProSteam® technology that help keep your clothes fresh with 96% less water, we want to push the boundaries of what is achievable, creating smart solutions engineered to respond to how you live. And we always match sustainability with beauty and unparalleled performance, so you don't have to compromise.

Redefining a better tomorrow

We are relentless in developing better sustainable solutions, so you never have to compromise. We push for change through creating innovations that minimise environmental impact and enable new, more sustainable behaviour. Because when we create responsible, built-to-last solutions, we also allow everyone who chooses AEG to make smarter choices for the environment.

Taste of tomorrow

Our solutions help you expand your skills in the kitchen and take taste further. With innovations such as our SensePro Hob, not only can you cook with precision to help preserve nutrients, texture, and flavour from ingredients, you’ll save energy too. And when you’ve finished eating, don’t worry about bending down to your dishwasher – ComfortLift elevates dishwashing to a whole new level, bringing the basket up to you for quick and comfortable loading.

Dressing for the long term

We know that dressing sharp is important. That’s why our innovative washing machines and dryers help keep your wardrobe looking new for longer, while also looking out for the environment. Our AbsoluteCare System helps retain and restore waterproof material, ensuring your outdoor clothes always look their best and keep the rain away, while 3D Scan Technology precisely analyses fabrics to ensure garments with multiple layers are dried for exactly the right amount of time.

Expect more from your home

Your home is more than a stage. It's a place you feel proud of and want to keep healthy, clean, and comfortable. From our AX9 Air Cleaner, that ensures you always arrive home to a healthy indoor environment, to our unique triangular RX9.2 Robot Vacuum, that works tirelessly in the background to clean your floors with precision. Our solutions don't just aim to outperform your expectations – they also fit beautifully into your life. Because as much as we emphasise clean living, we don't compromise on design or sustainability.

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